Astrology is an ancient mathematical study of the planets and their vibrational influence over this world. Your free will and intuition is guided by the astrological influences from your Natal (birth) Chart as well as the transits of planets on a daily basis. When making choices for the best times to sign documents, begin a businesses or marriage, or even decide what days are best for travel, your astrological chart along with an Election chart for a specific date in the future will help promote the sucess of the endeavor.

Nancye is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers and was trained in Advanced Hypnosis at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC.

In order to calculate a precise birth chart, Nancye will need your birth date, birth time and birth place. Your Natal Chart shows the promises given you at the time you entered this earthly plane. Using progressions, transits and solar return charts,  the trends and future focus of your chart in the present time are revealed.  

Telephone & Zoom

Distance is not a problem!  If it is not convenient for you to see Nancye one-on-one at her home in Virginia, Telephone Readings and Zoom calls can be scheduled at a time convenient for both of you. Click the button on the Contact Me page to schedule a phone or video reading.


$175 - 1-hour session
$250 - 90-minute session
(Includes chart analysis for 1 person)

Additional charts for family members: $25/each